The following terms and conditions will be applied to the bookings of services carried out by:

Limousine First Class Service di Casiraghi Giovanni (LFCS)
Via Brianza, 27
22030 Montorfano (CO), Italy
VAT: 02615200132
  1. Service booking and Voucher
At the moment of the booking LFCS will forward all details and all data connected to the booking, by email or by fax. This confirmation document is your voucher which has to be kept properly and later presented to the drivers who will carry out the service. The voucher includes also a possible return booking. It is very important to save it for all necessary time.
Each booking has to be accepted with all its terms and conditions by the Customer. These terms and conditions are available on our site If necessary, they can be also sent by email or fax.
  1. Booking rules
The destination and the addresses mentioned on your voucher are understood as the places where you are directing or where you are willing to be picked up. If you wish to change these and other details, related to the booking, please inform us with adequate advance notice and at any rate non later than (specify the waiting hours) before the service starts.
Please be informed right now that such requests could modify the price and vehicle type, which were confirmed previously with the original booking.
In any case please be informed that the request regarding a special vehicle type not always can be satisfied.
 We will do our best to guarantee you the standard and quality of service previously agreed.
  1. Delay notice
In case of flight cancellation or delay more than (specify the waiting minutes) at the departure, the Customer has to inform our persons in charge in the following manner to guarantee the best quality standard
In case of missed notice regarding the flight cancellation or delay the service wouldn’t take place. In fact, our drivers after (specify the waiting minutes) waiting minutes after scheduled flight landing and having no news from you will leave the agreed position.
  1. Booking cancellation
The Customer can cancel the booking by email or fax. The booking has to be cancelled when COMPANY NAME receives the notice sent from one of the following numbers:
The cancellation can be done with no charges up to (specify the hours) hours before the service starts.
The cancellation done out of the conditions specified above, will be charged with (whole price/50% /other)
  1. Luggage
Any passenger can take with him up to maximum (number) pieces of luggage. Any other excess of luggage like ski, snowboard and bulky pieces must be declared when booking.
However, each driver has the right to apply a higher price for carrying the bulky pieces which were not declared at the moment of booking or luggage in excess or luggage which conditions are not safe (luggage broken, dirty, wet etc)
  1. Prohibition
LFCS has the right to refuse (by proper drivers and informing public safety authorities of any abuse) the transporting of inebriated persons or persons under drug influence or any person who may represent danger for the driver or other passengers. Passengers are not permitted to assume alcohol or to smoke during the service.
  1. Responsability Limits
The transportation of passengers is wholly covered by the LFCS insurance. This insurance has been stipulated by LFCS with the third parts.

The personal belongings of the passengers are under their complete responsibility. LFCS is not to blame for any responsibility related to the loss or damage of the transported objects as well as of the pieces of luggage. The Customers are kindly asked to control their belongings at the departure.
LFCS will do its best and will make any possible efforts to guarantee that the Customers will get to their destination according to the booking.
It’s anyway specified that LFCS is not responsible for the delays caused by the events out of control as an illustrative, yet incomplete example:
If LFCS considers it impossible to carry out the service, not due to the force majeure but due to other reasons, it will cover at its expense such a service, using taxi, the vehicles of other companies or as an alternative it will pay back directly the Customer. The reimbursement can’t exceed the price already paid and agreed upon previously for the same service.
The Customer has to send as soon as possible a written notice to the above-mentioned contacts, informing about any possible disruptions which can be attributed to our actions. It will be our care to resolve any problems and inconveniences in the shortest possible time and to guarantee Customer satisfaction.

These transport conditions and all services related to them follow the laws which regulate service sale in Italy.
Any dispute or disagreement related to the activities carried out between LFCS and the Customer will be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of Court (city of residence of company name)

LFCS reserves its right to modify in any moment completely or partially the present document without being obliged to inform about such modifications customers, business partners, tour operators or agencies.